Larger Quilts

Challenge us to see how many of your favorite shirts we can combine into one large t-shirt quilt! Funkyquilts is all about creativity and preserving your treasured clothing. Are you looking at the large lap quilt and thinking you have way more than 15 shirts but you like that quilt size? T-shirt blankets are custom designed so we can work with you on the proper size. Hand us a stack of memories and let us create a gorgeous t shirt blanket that will be cherished forever!

T Shirt Quilt

Stevenson High School Memories

Family Memories

Family Memories

Queen sized custom quilts require 42 t-shirts (6X7).  The finished quilt measures approximately 90″ x 104″.

King sized custom quilts require 49 t-shirts (7×7).  The finished quilt measures approximately 104″ x 104″.

Logos on fronts and backs can be used.   All quilts are backed in color-coordinated fleece.

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