Recycle your favorite t-shirt collection into warm cozy t-shirt quilts!


sports t shirt quilts

What can you do with all of those t-shirts just sitting in your drawer? Did your son or daughter participate in school activities and clubs? Are they in a fraternity or sorority? Getting ready to graduate from high school? Do they have stacks of t-shirts from a school athletic team, rock concerts, vacations, or 5K/marathon races? Maybe your equestrian has treasured horse saddle pads from riding shows and competitions.  Not yet ready to give them away?  Turn them into t shirt quilts and t shirt pillows!

Making a t shirt quilt is an imaginative, creative way to transform your laundry into a legacy! Let Funkyquilts create a lasting heirloom from your treasured t-shirts.

Here’s how it works: It’s simple!

1. Shop for the size quilt you’d like to create. This will depend on how many t shirts you have and how many squares we can make out of your shirt.

2. Use the Square Markers Form to let us know how to arrange your custom handmade quilt.

3. Then just mail or deliver your t shirts by contacting us for directions.

4. Get ready to wrap up in your warm memory quilt!

5. Add a t shirt memory pillow to complete the set!


t-shirt pillow

Additional Customization

Appliqués are an additional $5 per appliqué. Sashing can be added between squares for an additional $25.
The photos that appear on this site are samples only. Your finished product will be customized using your favorite t-shirts. Pricing may vary.

Theme Ideas


Additional quilting resources can be found by visiting our T-Shirt Memory Quilts Resource page.