There’s a beautiful custom t shirt quilt or t shirt pillow just waiting for you here!  Memory quilts from old clothes are a fantastic way to hang on to the memories embedded in clothing, and enable you to enjoy those memories every day. 

Memory t shirt quilts are simply quilts made from t-shirts or other clothing you have saved and treasured over the years.  A t shirt quilt can preserve memories of many different life events and milestones from baby years, to youth sports teams played on, to high school or college activities participated in, to marathons and clubs.  Some of the most touching quilts I have had the honor of creating were made in memory of loved ones.  

A t shirt quilt can incorporate t-shirts, collared shirts, button-down shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, flannels, pajamas, men’s ties, baby clothes and blankets, or any other fabric you have saved. Funkyquilts will work with you to design just the right sized quilt and create a work of art from whatever items you provide. Would you like a smaller keepsake? We can work your t-shirts into a wall hanging or small throw blanket. Perhaps a large lap quilt to wrap you up in all those warm memories.  Do you have enough to make a quilt for a bed? Or only one or two very special items to turn into a decorative t-shirt pillow? We can do it! 

You may have some very specific requests or thoughts on how you would like your new quilt to look. Our t shirt quilt maker is happy to work with you to incorporate your ideas and will honor all of your requests.  If you would prefer however, our t shirt quilt maker will create your memory quilts from your old clothes into beautiful new heirlooms. 

View the gallery below for examples of our one of a kind t-shirt quilt and t-shirt pillow designs and our quality craftsmanship.  If you can imagine it we can create it!

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