Lap Quilt Double-Sided

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You’re looking for a cozy lap quilt but you have so many favorite t-shirts, you just can’t leave any out? That’s what funkyquilts is all about! Let us create a double-sided lap quilt incorporating all of those special memories.  Any of our products can be made double-sided.  All custom quilts are backed and bordered in color-coordinated fleece.  Pricing is quoted by number of t-shirts and size of the finished quilt.


1 review for Lap Quilt Double-Sided

  1. Jeremy L

    When I first met with the FUNKYQUILTS team, they were blown away by the number of shirts I had. They creatively thought to make a double-sided quilt instead of making me cut down over half my shirts, or making an extremely large quilt. My quilt came out better than I could have ever imagined! I’m so excited to share this with my friends and family, now and forever! THANK YOU FUNKYQUILTS!

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